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IMC Home Coming 2019 @ Campus Ball

IMC Home Coming goes Campus Ball


This event is for:

  • Alumni
  • the interested public

The 34,000 square metre study and research area of Campus Krems is transformed into Austria's most beautiful indoor and outdoor ballroom on this day. What makes the campus ball special flair? This is you: our IMC Alumni. The Wing G1 becomes a cool and hip clubbing location, on the terrace you can relax; Wine and cocktail bar are nearby.


The Alumni Award Ceremony before the start of the ball

  • 6:30 pm. - 10:00 pm. Reception and  welcome Drinks for Alumni

  • 7:00 pm. Start of the IMC Alumni Awards 2019

  • 8:00 - 9:00 pm. Get-together in the foyer and IMC Alumni Corner with small snacks and welcome drinks

  • 9:00 pm. Opening Campus Ball in Wing A




Reduced tickets by 30 euros p.P. will be available from March 2019..
Buying a reduced card is essential: www.campusball.at (Alumni Category)

Important note: Participation in the IMC Home Coming Campus Ball is only possible with a valid admission ticket and there are no reduced tickets at the box office. Bought tickets cannot be canceled.

Campus Ball Website

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