Programme details

Marketing and Sales

Master degree programme / Full-time

The Master programme in Marketing and Sales is targeting Austrian and international graduates aiming to expand their expertise in marketing, key account Management and sales operations and brand management.

After obtaining their Master degree in Marketing and Sales, graduates will have the skills needed to work effectively in a national or international environment. They will be able to carry out specific tasks for both client companies and service providers, and work as part of a team.

Elective module 1: Key Account Management and Sales Operations

  • Skills: account management and development
  • Skills: individual and group negotiations
  • Pricing, bundling and terms
  • Budgeting: performance measurement and adjustments
  • Contractual law

Elective module 2: Brand Management

  • Skills: brand and channel communication
  • Skills: internal communication, bridging levels
  • Strategic brand management, brand and communication development
  • Budgeting: performance measurement and adjustments
  • Patent and trademark law, restrictions