Master degree programme


Key skills

We develop marketing communication experts, opening the door to a host of positions on both the client and the supplier side. Students can specialise in brand management or key account management. Both of these electives use an interdisciplinary approach – the emphasis is on developing solutions independently and implementing them as part of a team.

Graduates of the Master programme Marketing and Sales are qualified to take on a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  •  Developing marketing plans and strategies 
  •  Managing collaboration with agencies and heads of marketing 
  •  Negotiating and concluding contracts 
  •  Recruiting and training sales staff 
  •  Designing sales strategies and distribution networks 
  •  Carrying out market research and sales planning activities 
  •  Drawing up pricing strategies 
  •  Budgeting (and controlling)

Core modules

  • Strategic marketing: strategy development, planning and budgeting, strategic partnerships 
  • Integrated marketing communications 
  • Segment-specific marketing: market intelligence and marketing metrics
  • Law and regulations
  • Agency and expert management
  • Skills: research methods

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