Master degree programme


Programme overview

This master programme is ideal for students looking to assume managerial responsibilities in national or global businesses and organisations, and who value corporate responsibility. The focus is on concepts of sustainable management and their implementation. The choice between one out of five electives allows for even more specialisation.

Core moduels

  • Principles of sustainable management
  • Sustainable organisational development 
  • Performance management
  • Leadership
  • Applications-based research
  • Business case study/business simulation

Electives (choose one out of five)

  • Elective: Controlling (option 1)
  • Elective: Human Resource Management (option 2)
  • Elective: Formation & Management of Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) (option 3)
  • Elective: Leadership and Organisation in Health Care (option 4)
  • Electives: Big Data & Digitalization in Health Care (option 5)

More detailed information on the Master programme Management is given in German