Master degree programme


Some 99% of European businesses are SMEs. We give students the tools they need to develop and advise this almost infinite pool of resources, and to set up or acquire companies themselves. The programme centres on leadership – including in crisis situations – as well as SME management, applied research and entrepreneurship. Sustainable management is the guiding principle that runs through the entire degree

Programme overview

  •  Leadership in SMEs 
  •  Managing SMEs 
  •  Entrepreneurship 
  •  Leadership in crisis situations 
  •  Corporate succession 
  •  Applications-based research 
  •  Business case study/business simulation 

Key Skills

Graduates of the Master programme will have the skills required to:

  • manage SMEs with a view to achieving company objectives, evaluating key management indicators and implementing appropriate responses based on their assessment;
  • lead staff in SMEs, with the aim of achieving corporate objectives;
  • set up their own business and execute growth strategies for SMEs;
  • drive forward targeted innovation processes within the company;
  • identify crisis situations in SMEs, and identify, implement and evaluate suitable corrective measures;
  • introduce controlling policies and tools in SMEs, assess their suitability and respond accordingly to the results generated;
  • analyse and evaluate key SME performance indicators, and develop and implement measures designed to achieve specific company objectives;
  • lead SMEs in crisis situations and take the necessary steps to resolve the crisis;
  • evaluate potential problems in the corporate succession process and implement appropriate responses;
  • complete the procedure of closing a business.

More detailed information on the Master programme Management of SME is given in German

(SME = Small and medium sized enterprises)

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