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Management of Health Institutions

Master degree programme / Part-time

Fabian Waechter, MD, MSc.

Lehrender, Director Market Access & Health Care, Pfizer Corporation Austria GmbH, Vienna, Austria

"The mere high number of IMC alumni with whom I co-operate in the field of Health Management in Austria gives evidence of IMC Krems' importance and labor market orientation of the Master degree programme Management of Health Institutions."

Prof. Dr. Johann Nagengast

Guest Professor IMC International Master Days, FH Deggendorf, Deggendorf, Germany

"The days were perfectly organized. I found very friendly people – like friends. I wish we at Deggendorf University had something similar. To be at IMC Krems is like coming home every time. A lot of additional value created for all participating students. The students with different backgrounds developed solutions to the cases of high quality applying a lot of knowledge and creativity. The exchange with other lecturers was another highlight, besides teaching in a perfect and friendly environment."

Dr. Michael Guiry

Guest Professor IMC International Master Days, University of Incarnate Word, San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you for inviting me to participate in the International Masters Days event. I enjoyed meeting you, your colleagues, the students, and the other faculty participants. My visit to Krems was a unique opportunity and truly an international experience. I appreciate your helpfulness and IMC Krems‘ spirit and hospitality throughout my stay. You have created a special culture and educational environment at IMC Krems."

Tim McRoberts, M.S, Ed.S

Guest lecturer IMC International Master Days, Holland College, Prince Edward Island, Canada

"I would like to again thank you for your kind hospitality during the International Master Days. The event took a great deal of planning with lots of extra duties as required. I really enjoyed meeting you and the students. We were having some exciting discussions here with our teams as there is certainly interest in growing the opportunity for faculty and student exchanges."