Master degree programme



 Our students develop the skills they need for international and cross-cultural management. The emphasis is on comprehensive practical components, enhancing social and research skills in terms of flexibility, adopting proactive approaches, and developing an understanding of other cultures and new forms of business and collaboration. Our graduates have the management capabilities required to hold their own in a competitive and constantly changing international environment.

Every September IMC Krems welcomes new students to the International Business and Export Management degree programme, which is taught exclusively in English. As a student you will develop expertise as part of an applied and holistic education. Learning is based on case studies, the latest academic findings and current trends. As a result, you will possess the qualifications to assume senior positions at companies with an international focus.

You will develop social skills such as flexibility and mobility, and learn to be proactive. Knowledge and understanding of different cultures as well as communication skills will enable you to take positions in international business. You will have the opportunity to visit one of our partner universities in the course of the third semester to further develop your intercultural skills. This enables you to investigate topics that interest you in an international setting while working on the master thesis. 

Key skills

Case study-based teaching and applied research will put you in a position to analyse and solve the types of business problem currently facing public and private organisations and institutions. The master degree in International Business and Export Management puts students in a position to assume senior management and leadership functions in private and public sector organisations with a strong focus on export-related and international activities. The programme also aims to help you develop the strategic insight and leadership qualities that managers and entrepreneurs need to hold their own in an increasingly competitive environment. 

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