Applied Research and Training Semester

International Business and Export Management

Master degree programme / Full-time

The Applied Research and Training Semester (ARTS) takes place during the third semester.

The Applied Research and Training Semester must be completed at one of the following:

  • a research institute in Austria or abroad
  • an Austrian or foreign higher education institute
  • an Austrian or foreign company

You are expected to work 30 hours per week for a 15-week period at a company, or complete a project at a research institution in Austria or abroad.

During the Applied Research and Training Semester you are expected to record and reflect on your work in line with standard academic procedures. You can choose to focus on a topic with either a research or practical focus. The Career Center can help you to find a suitable placement.

The University’s links to partner institutions influence the choice of placements available and the International Center can give you advice on potential placements with research institutes. 

You are expected to select a subject for your project by the end of the second semester. This topic may be used as the basis of your master thesis, providing a framework for the schedule, work processes and data required to compile the project report and the thesis itself.

The master thesis must be written outside working hours.

The Applied Research and Training Semester aims to encourage you to reflect on and develop the knowledge base acquired during the bachelor degree and the first year of the master programme.