Master degree programme


The topic of sustainable management is on everyone’s lips. At IMC Krems, you can study it! Graduates are in a position to support companies and organisations with the implementation of sustainable initiatives and strategies. A strong sense of environmental responsibility is central to their plans and activities, whether on the client or the supplier side. 

The Environmental and Sustainability Management master programme provides the skills you require to assume a high-level position in Austria or abroad. It gives you the expertise to work on either the client side or as a service provider, and to independently apply your professional know-how using focused, results-driven approaches.  

You will develop the abilities needed to support companies and organisations looking to implement policies and strategies aimed at enhancing environmental sustainability, and nurturing a sense of corporate and social responsibility. You will also be in a position to plan and execute environmental initiatives.  

Students will enhance their knowledge of the academic techniques needed to critically appraise the relevant literature, as well as analysing specific and general professional topics and problems, and developing appropriate solutions.  

Core subjects and skills profile 

 Programme graduates will: 

  • possess expertise in environment-related aspects of ecology and technology 
  • be in a position to implement, and oversee the operation and enhancement of environmental management systems (in particular as part of integrated management systems) 
  • have an in-depth appreciation of human-environmental systems and environmental ethics
  • understand the social and ecological dimensions of sustainability, and their significance for companies’ environmental management systems 
  • be aware of fundamental principles of technology, law, business administration and management, and the key relationships between them 
  • be in a position to ensure legal compliance in companies and institutions, and to identify and evaluate environment-related risks, as well as making proposals to minimise them 
  • have detailed knowledge of key topics and professional aspects of environmental management which are related to the concept of sustainability 
  • be qualified to work as interfaces between departments, or manage relations with the general public 
  • have advanced knowledge of management systems