Programme details

Digital Business Innovation and Transformation

Master degree programme / Part-time

The Digital Business Innovation and Transformation part-time master programme lasts four semesters and is taught entirely in English.

Objectives of the degree programme

The programme is designed to give students a broad-based, non-industry-specific education covering digital transformation, digital business innovation and business administration. It provides graduates with the skills required to assume operational and strategic management responsibilities in a forward-looking company.

By completing an English-language degree programme, graduates build on their existing language proficiency to acquire additional language skills and the requisite specialist vocabulary that allows them to work in an international environment.

The degree programme also gives students the know-how required to identify digital trends at an early stage and successfully transform existing processes. Graduates are fully equipped to initiate a shift from analogue to digital organisational structures and to drive forward and implement the integration of digital technologies.

Degree programme structure

The programme lasts for four semesters including final examinations. Students select the topic for their master thesis at the end of the second semester.

Core elements of the degree programme

Interdisciplinary qualifications

  • Business administration (e.g. strategy and organisational design, change and transformation management, innovation controlling, human development and communication)
  • Digital transformation (e.g. data management and data analysis, digital trends, human-computer interaction)
  • Research and master’s thesis (research seminar, preparation for master thesis)