Master degree programme



Information technology innovations are driving forward the digital transformation at lightning speed – the internet of things, big data, the cloud, social media and mobile working are having an impact on the strategy, structure, culture and processes of all companies.

In view of these fundamental changes, companies need to start preparing to meet these new demands in good time, and to capitalise on the digital transformation as an opportunity to respond to structural challenges with intelligent concepts; businesses should also use digitalisation and networking as a means to develop further.

That's where our study programme comes in: The part-time Master programme prepares you for the role as a digital change agent. It is held in English and focuses on the economic skills necessary to develop digital strategies for organisations.

Key skills

The degree programme is designed to help students develop specific transformational capabilities that enable them to manage and support digitalisation processes in various corporate environments. Graduates will act as change agents in corporate digital transformations.

The skills students acquire as experts in business process innovation are based on a combination of business administration expertise with IT know-how as well as key competences including communication, cooperation, problem-solving and development capabilities, data mining and design thinking skills.

After completing the degree programme, graduates are able to understand the specific requirements placed on digital business models as well as the criteria for their success in a full range of core business administration activities and in all phases of the value creation process. This means graduates are in a position to plan, manage and comprehensively drive forward the digitalisation of production, service and sales processes.