Master degree programme

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Studiengangsleiterin Adelheid Schönthaler spricht über ihren Studiengang Advanced Nursing Practice.
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The study programme

The aim of the Advanced Nursing Practice master degree programme is to enable students to develop specialist, enhanced skills in research, ethical decision-making, clinical and professional leadership, interdisciplinary approaches, consultation and counselling, as well as coaching and management, in order to prepare them to deal with the constantly changing challenges facing the health service, and the nursing profession in particular.

In line with the requirements of higher education, students develop the skills required to employ academic methods and learning techniques, as well as for the practical, solutions-driven application of specialist know-how.

Graduates who complete the supplementary Nursing Management module are in a position to assume junior, middle and senior management responsibilities as qualified nurse managers.

Degree programme structure

  • Nursing practice and leadership
    Courses in this subject are designed to develop and enhance managerial and counselling abilities and practical nursing skills, with a focus on competences related to advanced nursing practice, developing competences in nursing care provision, leadership and motivation, and interaction and communication.
  • Specialist clinical practice
    This subject focuses on developing skills connected with clinical assessment in advanced nursing practice, linking theory/science and practice, public health and nursing activities, treatment pathways for selected health problems, and digitalisation in nursing. There is also an emphasis on developing expertise in core nursing competences such as evidence-based nursing, disease management and health promotion.
  • Research and research-based nursing practice
    This core subject concentrates on frameworks and trends in applied research, and writing and presenting academic papers. Consequently, there is a focus on skills associated with scientific theory, clinical research and related legal requirements, research ethics, international research trends and the application of various research methods.

More detailed information on the Master programme Management is given in German.