Programme details

Tourism and Leisure Management

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Core modules

Business administration

Initially the focus is on general business subjects, including marketing and accounting.

Specialised tourism subjects

In later semesters the focus of attention switches to more specific aspects of tourism product development, the tourism and leisure industry, finance and entrepreneurship. The following key subjects are addressed:

  • Event management
  • Sports tourism
  • Tourism product development
  • Cultural tourism
  • Meeting industry management
  • Health and spa tourism
  • Sustainable tourism development
  • Destination management


Applicants for the full-time Bachelor programme may choose two mandatory languages from a pool comprising French, Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and German. For French, applicants must have reached level B1 of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) (equivalent to around three years of study). For the courses in Spanish, Russian, Chinese, Italian and German, there is no previous knowledge required.

For any language group to be opened, a minimum of twelve students is necessary. Please note that you are not allowed to choose your native language.

Applicants for the part-time Bachelor programme may choose one mandatory language from a pool comprising Spanish and Russian. There is no prevoius knowledge required for both languages. 

For any language group to be opened in the part-time Bachelor programme, a minimum of nine students is necessary. Please note that you are not allowed to choose your native language.

Information and communication technologies

This part of the programme concentrates on all areas of state-of-the-art communication technologies, including intensive training in general and sector-specific information technology (for example, Microsoft Office applications), as well as international reservation and bookings systems such as Galileo.

Soft skills

Your comprehensive practical education is rounded out by a series of seminars and workshops covering

  • Modern learning techniques
  • Presentation techniques
  • Team building and strategies for personal success
  • Negotiating and sales techniques


Sports tourism

Focuses on sports and event management, sports marketing, major sporting events, and the role of sport in the tourism and leisure industry.

Cultural tourism

A comprehensive look at the culture sector, ranging from political aspects, planning and finance to the staging of cultural events.

Meeting industry management

Students carry out an in-depth analysis of the seminar industry, incentive travel, conferences and various aspects of business tourism.

Health and spa tourism

An overview of the latest trends in health tourism and the management of companies in the wellness sector.

Sustainable tourism development

This course provides an insight into nature tourism management (for example, in national parks), sustainable tourism, and regional planning in Alpine and urban areas.