Programme details


Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

The Bachelor programme in Physiotherapy comprises five semesters of theory and an internship.

Core modules

The core modules of the programme are:

  • Intradisciplinary and interdisciplinary aspects of physiotherapy
  • Fundamentals of biomedicine
  • Functional disorders in the human body
  • General physiotherapy techniques
  • Applied human and social sciences
  • The physiotherapeutic diagnosis and treatment process
  • Academic writing
  • Specialist and interdisciplinary module
  • English


Professional skills

Graduates of this programme will have the professional skills required to provide physiotherapeutic treatment in accordance with the Austrian Medical-Technical Services Act . They will also have the ability to integrate the expertise and skills obtained during the programme with general medical knowledge and know-how from other disciplines, and to apply them in various sections of the physiotherapy profession.

Social, communicative and personal skills

Graduates of this programme will have the following skills at their disposal in their future career:

  • Communication skills
  • Critical analysis
  • Conflict management and resolution
  • Empathy - Role distance
  • High frustration threshold
  • Self-determination
  • Critical personal reflection
  • Management and organisation
  • Teamwork skills and an understanding of professional responsibilities

Academic skills

After completing their Bachelor degree, students will have the academic expertise required to plan and comprehend research processes.