Bachelor degree programme



Physiotherapy is a growing field in industrialised countries. Our graduates have the skills required to improve the quality of people’s lives. We prepare them with a balanced mix of theory and practice and by offering a range of specialised electives.

Every September we welcome a new intake of students for our degree programme, which is taught in German. This degree has a strong practical element and is split into two phases.

The first phase covers the opening three semesters and looks at the core professional and theoretical aspects of physiotherapy.

The second phase in the fourth, fifth and sixth semesters concentrates on implementing, developing and deepening the knowledge base.

Key skills

This Bachelor degree provides training in established and emerging fields of physiotherapy, and offers an insight into the theoretical background of the subject.

Graduates will possess extensive professional and theoretical expertise and skills, strong interpersonal abilities and a grounding in the basics of business administration.

More detailed information on the Bachelor programme Physiotherapy is given in German

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