Programme details

Music Therapy

Bachelor degree programme / Part-time

The Bachelor programme in Music Therapy comprises five semesters of theory and gives students the chance to gain experience of clinical practice beginning in the third semester.

Core modules

The core elements of the degree programme are:

  • Musical and artistic skills
  • Basic theoretical principles
  • Fundamental medical principles for music therapists
  • Fundamental psychological principles for music therapists
  • Scientific fundamentals of music therapy
  • Ethics and an introduction to the psychosocial and health law aspects of music therapy in health care institutions
  • Music therapy in practice, and personal reflection skills
  • Compiling academic paper and presentations


The Bachelor programme in Music Therapy focuses primarily on providing essential professional knowledge (including theoretical and music therapy principles, theories and models, and key music therapy concepts and methods) and an insight into the practical application of contemporary thinking on music therapy. In addition students learn how to reflect critically on their actions in the therapeutic environment and make connections between theory and practice. This is achieved through the practical training elements integrated into the programme, and the ongoing adaptation of course contents in line with the latest research findings. In the sixth semester students can choose electives in one of the following specialist compulsory subjects:

  • Geriatrics
  • Paediatrics