Bachelor degree programme



Music therapists use musical techniques to treat their clients.  The aim is to bring about improvements in behavioural disorders and other conditions and promote physical, emotional and mental well-being. Our students therefore receive an education that has been carefully designed to deliver the ideal combination of teaching, research and practice

Our degree programme is taught in German. The part-time Bachelor programme in Music Therapy is a modular programme, with each semester divided into theoretical, musical and practical clinical components. After an introduction to basic theoretical and scientific principles, courses in the first year focus on developing specific music therapy skills. Starting in the third semester, this knowledge is consolidated by its application in clinical practice. Throughout the degree programme we aim to combine aspects of personal development and practical experience with critical theory-based reflection.

Key skills

Music therapy is a distinctive type of therapy which combines scientific, artistic and creative elements in an attempt to stimulate personal expression. It delivers targeted, systematic treatment for people suffering from behavioural disorders and problems resulting from emotional, somatic, intellectual or social factors. Music is used in a therapeutic relationship between one or more clients and one or more healthcare professionals with the aim of:

  • preventing, relieving or reversing symptoms
  • altering behaviours or attitudes that require therapy
  • supporting, maintaining or restoring the client’s development, growth and health

We aim to help you become a fully qualified, skilful music therapist, and your bachelor degree gives you the abilities required to practice music therapy as an employee of a clinical or social institution.

More detailed information on the Bachelor programme Music Therapy is given in German

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