Programme details


Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

This Bachelor programme has a strong practical element, and training primarily takes the form of internships at hospitals and other specialist health-care institutions.

Practical training periods are an integral part of each semester. A total of 72 weeks is allocated to practical training courses between the first and sixth Semester and an additional 3 weeks to professional exercises.

Core modules

Professional skills

The knowledge and skills required to perform professional duties independently, responsibly and in line with accepted procedures

Social, communicative and personal skills

The personal characteristics and abilities which play a key role in providing care and building relationships

Academic skills

Critical and research-based assessment of key issues, independent evaluation of complex situations, and the use of evidence-based approaches in professional contexts


Professional qualifications and specialisations

  • Principles of midwifery
  • Physiology and pathology in obstetrics
  • Neonatology and paediatrics
  • Obstetric emergencies
  • Psychosocial problems
  • Women’s and family health
  • Freelance midwifery models

Interdisciplinary qualifications

  • Personality training and communication
  • Cross-cultural aspects of midwifery
  • Professional law and forensics
  • Management and organisation
  • Marketing and PR
  • Professional English

Academic qualifications

  • Fundamentals and methods of midwifery
  • Applied midwifery
  • Bachelor’s thesis

Practical qualifications

  • Practical training
  • Internship and accompanying seminars

Career paths

Graduates will have the qualifications required to work in public and private institutions (hospitals, gynaecological clinics, etc.) in various areas of the health sector:

  • Prenatal and antepartal care
  • Delivery and postpartal care
  • Cooperation with obstetrics specialists
  • Specialist midwife services, e.g. consultation
  • Organising and holding courses, e.g. antenatal classes and parent counselling
  • Quality assurance support
  • Management and mentoring responsibilities
  • Teaching

Freelance career opportunities:

More and more midwives are looking to work as freelancers, as providing continuous personal support and care to women, mothers and parents gives them the opportunity to practice their profession more effectively. Freelance midwives can work exclusively as freelancers.

Depending on their individual skills, graduates can also take up a position in specialist areas such as

  • Business (consulting)
  • Journalism
  • Applied research

Semester abroad

Bachelor students can spend their fourth semester at one of the IMC Krems’ partner universities abroad.

The International Department provides information on the options available and the conditions which apply to semesters abroad. Students who wish to spend time abroad must complete the application procedure. The International Department allocates students to the various destinations based on the number of places available and the suitability of the courses on offer.