Bachelor degree programme



The programme provides professional training with solid theoretical foundations. Our graduates are fully prepared for a successful start to their careers and for providing women with holistic care. The freedom and dignity of women and their families is a central theme of the course.

Our degree programme is taught in German. The main objective of this Bachelor programme is to provide practical education with a solid theoretical foundation and a clear focus on the core competences of the midwifery profession. Our students receive the expertise required to provide women, mothers, children and parents with personalised and holistic consultation, support and care services which specifically aim to preserve the freedom and dignity of mothers-to-be and their families.

Key skills

After obtaining your Bachelor degree, you will be fully qualified to take up a position in Austria or any European Union member state. You will also possess the professional expertise required to perform the duties outlined in the Austrian Midwifery Act:

  • Professional skills: The knowledge and skills required to perform professional duties independently, responsibly and in line with accepted procedures

  • Social, communicative and personal skills: The personal characteristics and abilities which play a key role in providing care and building relationships

  • Theoretical skills: Critical and research-based assessment of key issues, independent evaluation of complex situations, and the use of evidence-based approaches in professional contexts

More detailed information on the Bachelor programme Midwifery is given in German

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