Programme details

International Wine Business

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Sound economic proficiency and real life input, combined with subject specific knowledge necessary in the wine industry are the cornerstones of the programme, which is held entirely in English.

During the degree programme, you are acquiring competencies in the following areas:

Business Administration, Economics, Law

You will be able to apply important economic terms and evaluate the structure, functionality and complexity of organisations. Moreover, you will be able to solve assignments in accounting and financing and apply common instruments in budgeting and controlling.

During the programme, you will procure skills that allow you to contribute and conduct operative marketing measures and assist in HR management, organisational development, qualitative management and project and process management.

In addition, you will be able to communicate with representatives of the legal professions about issues of public, private and commercial law.

International Wine Business

You will learn to take into account the national and international structures of the wine industry and its particularities. This includes an analysis of the wine markets and the development of concepts and products. You will also be able to acknowledge the correlations between price and product policies, to understand the various distribution channels and to develop marketing concepts.

Furthermore, you will accumulate wine specific knowledge about the perfect location, the role of the vines and about viticulture, wine production, the grape variety and types of wine. Therefore, you will be able to evaluate the grape production process under national and international conditions according to ecological and economical aspects.

Other important components of the study programme are the legal regulations of the international/European wine law, the sensory assessment of wines and the methods of wine treatment and wine analytics.

Tools and methods

You will be able to present concepts and ideas, collaborate in or lead teams and consider intercultural differences. Moreover, you will be able to understand cultural-specific differences and their influence on a sustainable brand management and solve every-day tasks in your working area with the help of appropriate software and hardware tools.

Key qualifications

Taking into consideration the strategic strategies of most businesses in competitive national and international market environments, you will be equipped with skills in the area of marketing, sales and brand management.

In the course of the six semesters of the programme, we will provide you in particular with the following skills:

  • language proficiency
  • social skills
  • English
  • intercultural interrelations
  • communication and presentation abilities

Special Features

At the moment, there is no other programme at a university of applied sciences in Austria with a specific focus on wine businesses. The international and the real-life-orientation (obligatory internship of 22 weeks in the 5th semester) of the programme is enhanced though events (international internships and excursions) and though specific lectures like:

  • International Wine Marketing
  • International Wine Industry
  • International Tasting and Description
  • International Wine Tourism