Bachelor degree programme

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Albert Stöckl knows his way around in the Austrian but also in the international wine industry. As programme director, he has been responsible for the Bachelor programme International Wine Business since 2014. He has also been overseeing several research projects.
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What better place to study management fundamentals for the international wine business than in the heart of one of Austria’s most important winegrowing regions? In-depth insights into business and law, as well as training in oenology mean that our graduates are fully equipped to take on business administration tasks – including on the international stage, thanks to courses taught entirely in English.

Business education focusing on specialist commercial knowledge for wine production. The degree programme is offered in close cooperation with leading wine industry representatives from Austria and abroad. There is also an emphasis on sales-related topics and associated export activities.

Career options for graduates

After completing the programme, students can pursue a career in the following organisations:

  • Wineries in Austria and abroad
  • Family-owned businesses
  • Cooperative associations
  • Import and export businesses
  • Specialist retailers
  • Industry associations

Professional tasks

Programme graduates are in a position to assume a wide range of responsibilities in the winemaking industries in Austria and in other countries. They are able to understand and manage the interactions between various operations, providing extensive support ranging from product planning to marketing.


Graduates will possess detailed knowledge of management, marketing, winemaking, oenology and sensory perception. They will also have developed analytical and intercultural skills, as well as collecting practical experience in the course of a work placement.