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Data Science and Analytics

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Stefan Pfeffer

Managing Director CFO Microtronics Engineering GmbH

"New jobs such as the role of a data scientist are required as an answer to digital transformation. This is why it is forward-looking to set up a corresponding degree programme in English at the University of Applied Sciences Krems."

Ing. Dr. Manfred Litzlbauer MBA

Managing Director Energie AG Oberösterreich Telekom GmbH

"The demand for data scientists is already given and will take on greater significance in the future. Digitalisation requires infrastructure and data networks. To this end, Energie AG Telekom establishes 100,000 FTTH connections and operates 500,000 smart meter for the electricity supply. These amounts of data can be handled by conventional IT, however, findings and user value are limited. Therefore, expertise and especially well-trained staff are needed in the corporation."