Data Science and Analytics

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

The internship or Practical Training Semester (PTS) is a core element of the Bachelor programme. The curriculum includes a 20-week internship in the sixth semester which can be completed abroad.


The internship gives you an opportunity to apply the knowledge obtained during your courses in real-life professional situations. It gives you a practical insight into the workings and functions of a company, and helps you to obtain experience which will be crucial to your future career.

Organisation and procedure

The process of selecting a company where you will complete your internship begins one year before the start of your PTS. You are encouraged to find a company for your PTS independently, although an extensive internship database is available to point you in the right direction. Each degree programme also has an internship coordinator who is on hand to ensure that the University provides personal support before, during and after your PTS.

Selecting a company: key criteria

  • Previous professional experience
  • Career plan
  • Developing your qualification profile
  • Personal strengths and weaknesses
  • Improving/extending language skills


The IMC Krems’ responsibilities include coordinating, supervising and evaluating internships. Before the PTS takes place, the employer, the student and the University sign a contract which gives a detailed description of the student’s duties during the internship.