Career prospects

Data Science and Analytics

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

The study programme Data Science and Analytics focuses on supporting the students in developing relevant key skills and knowledge.

There is a strong practical orientation, which ensures excellent future prospects of for the graduates as the education is provided in close cooperation with the industry.

Career options for programme graduates

Programme graduates will fit the employee profile for companies which make use of data-supported decision-making processes and business models.

Other potential career opportunities include:

  • financial services: including optimising stock exchange and business value analysis and designing customised digital financial products (fintech)
  • retail: boosting revenue with the support of recommender systems and by optimising complaint management procedures using semantic data Analysis
  • industrial manufacturing: using mathematical process analysis models for quality forecasting and developing recommendations for parameterisation
  • insurance: in connection with risk assessment and designing custom insurance products
    public administration: such as designing smart cities and digital mobility concepts