Programme details

Applied Chemistry*

Bachelor degree programme / Full-time

Core modules

Students acquire in-depth knowledge of basic chemistry subjects (general, analytical, inorganic, organic and physical chemistry, and biochemistry), related disciplines (mathematics, informatics, statistics and physics) and chemical process engineering. This is accompanied by comprehensive practical training in the laboratory, which incorporates instrumental analysis.

The increased focus on synthetic preparation methods in direct combination with modern analytical techniques, chemical databases and software tools lays the foundations for completing professional tasks in the field of synthesis (API synthesisCo in the pharmaceuticals industry, synthesis of materials in the polymers and materials sector), addressing analytical problems (quality assurance), and taking on responsibilities in the environmental and pharmaceutical industry and at public authorities

In the final semester, you have the choice between two specialisation modules.


Instrumental Analysis and Chemometrics

The Instrumental Analysis and Chemometrics elective enhances students’ skills in instrumental analysis, statistical analysis of measurements, multidimensional data analysis and experimental design, preparing them for day-to-day professional tasks in the fields of product safety, as well as environmental, pharmaceutical, forensic and polymer analysis.

Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

In the Organic and Pharmaceutical Chemistry elective, students acquire advanced skills in computerised simulation of chemical processes and organic and pharmaceutical chemistry. This addresses industry demand for professionals who can be deployed in the pharmaceutical industry and the production of fine chemicals.