Programme details

Advanced Nursing Practice

Bachelor degree programme / Part-time

The Bachelor programme in Advanced Nursing Practice takes five semesters, three of which are theory-based.

Core modules

The Bachelor programme includes general theoretical and personal development modules. Courses for these modules are held throughout the programme and cover law and philosophy for Advanced Nursing Practice, English, interpersonal skills and personality training.

Advanced Nursing Practice

During the first three semesters, students will acquire general academic skills, followed by a more detailed insight into advanced nursing practice, which will form the basis for their future career.

The introductory module provides basic knowledge aimed at broadening students' perspectives on health care, and lays the foundations for advanced nursing practice. In the advanced module, professional knowledge of advanced nursing practice is developed for various areas, such as geriatrics and gerontology, care of dementia patients and home nursing care.

Problem-based action

In this module, students acquire knowledge of problem-based action in nursing, enabling them to carry out advanced, interpretive casework. A broader view of the nursing classification system enables course participants to check the suitability of care classification systems for a given setting.

Healthcare management

Students acquire the theoretical knowledge and practical tools necessary for effective performance of healthcare management duties. They obtain the skills needed for assuming staff positions in quality and discharge management, and for management posts in hospitals, care facilities and out-patient nursing (health visitor service).

Developments in nursing

This part of the programme aims to enhance students’ knowledge of empirical research and help develop the skills for analysing and critically evaluating empirical studies, with a view to implementing research findings in nursing practice. Students also gain an insight into the design and application of qualitative and quantitative research studies, and the process of assessing the quality of a study and testing for statistical interference.