Bachelor degree programme



The nursing profession is currently undergoing a major shift in focus, and we need experts in order to overcome the complex challenges that lie ahead. This programme – with the option of advanced study of either care development and patient education or healthcare management – is designed to train these experts.

The degree Programme is aimed at a specific target group and taught exclusively in German. Students can specialise in the following areas: healthcare management, trends in nursing development, patient education, and trends in healthcare.

Key skills

The nursing profession is currently undergoing a major expansion and shift in focus. The rising number of elderly people with dementia symptoms presents perhaps the greatest challenge facing providers of long-term and extra-mural services. Top-level nursing skills and new, innovative organisational structures are essential to ensuring the provision of quality nursing care in Austria.

To meet these sophisticated challenges, nursing professionals need thorough training, the skills required to carry out policy-related tasks and the ability to provide advisory services, as well as expertise in applied nursing science. These skills are best acquired in the course of a university education programme.

Detailed information on the Bachelor programme Advanced Nursing Practice is given in German

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