Student International Business and Export Management

International Business and Export Management master degree programme

We help you develop the skills you need for international and cross-cultural management. The part-time programme promotes managerial skills that will enable you to confidently hold your own in a competitive and constantly changing environment.

This two-year master programme is centred on nurturing fundamental and progressive business competences, enhancing social and research skills and developing an understanding of other cultures. It also includes comprehensive practical elements.

The degree programme: Master of Arts in Business (MA)

International and interdisciplinary with a strong strategic and practical focus: welcome to the International Business and Export Management master degree programme!

Courses concentrate on general management skills, as well as international trade and exporting. The programme also stands out for its strong international focus. To give you a few examples: you will be studying alongside colleagues from around the world, discussing cultures, global events and economic developments with lecturers who have an interdisciplinary, international background, and exchanging notes at guest lectures and on visits to multinational businesses.

There is also the option of spending the third semester at one of our 139 partner universities.


Full-time or part-time? The degree is offered as a part-time programme, with courses on Fridays and Saturdays, and in a full-time format, where teaching takes place from Monday to Friday.

If you want to focus on your studies and go on attractive international placements, the full-time alternative is the ideal way to combine learning with exchange semesters or internships abroad.

Change to the full-time degree programme

Making the future happen: creating value is a key focus of strategic management. So our emphasis is on ways in which companies can gear themselves up to achieve this in a global and increasingly digitalised environment. Our approach is straightforward: besides sharing knowledge we also use experiential learning in the form of projects, examples of best practice, company visits, case studies and gaining international experience. Each year, the projects we implement together with our corporate partners show that our students are innovative, dedicated and forward-looking – and the game changers of tomorrow. An open mind and an interest in cultures, politics, law, sustainability, psychology and data are also key aspects for this interdisciplinary programme.
Programme director Alina Schoenberg

A formula for success: theoretical knowledge + practical experience

The programme is built on three pillars.


The core subjects

Semesters 1-2

At the start of the programme, you deepen the knowledge you obtained in your previous degree with a module entitled International Business and Export in Context. The curriculum also includes modules such as HR and Global Collaboration, Financial and Strategic Management and Value Creation along the Supply Chain (Marketing and Operations), which are designed to enhance your international management capabilities.

While the bachelor degree focuses on designing operational processes, in the master programme you will concentrate on strategic planning and alignment. Attention centres on how you can capitalise on concepts that will shape the future, such as digitalisation, automation and sustainability, to generate added value for companies and society. If you’re interested in the part played by psychology and data in strategic decision-making processes, the Decision Making and Data Insights courses will give you a comprehensive overview of strategic management.

You should always bear in mind the opportunities and challenges presented by international expansion and exporting. Modules such as Foreign Trade & International Market Selection, and Global Affairs & International Law, which also look at legal, historical, cultural and economic aspects, will help you develop your expertise in this respect.

The first two focuses are covered in the core subject of Methods and Tools. The Consulting module helps you to develop the right demeanour, which is so important for managers. You will also deal with the topic of strategic analysis, which is rounded off with a professional consulting project. Do you like to experiment or is evaluating data and facts your strong point? The Research and Master Thesis module introduces you to methods that enable you to answer a host of questions using practical and academic approaches.


Practical elements and applied research and training

Semesters 1-4

A practical focus is more than just a buzzword at IMC Krems; programme lecturers share their real-life professional experience. Problems are discussed and analysed on the basis of case studies. Meanwhile, projects implemented in partnership with companies allow you to examine your newly acquired knowledge from a practical viewpoint. You can also learn from your fellow students, all of whom can share their valuable experience from everyday professional settings.

The courses on consulting teach you how to adopt a professional demeanour and an analytical mindset. This is rounded off with a capstone project in semester 4, when you work with real clients – high-profile companies from various industries.

On the part-time programme, your day-to-day practical experience is accredited as applied research and training. Together, we reflect critically on your experience.
Looking for an even stronger international focus? Part-time students can spend semester 3 at one of our 139 partner universities, which provides them with even more cross-cultural impressions. And gives you the qualifications you need to secure an expat assignment at your company!

You begin writing your master thesis in semester 3. Depending on your interests, your thesis will focus on a research-related or practical question. Ideally, your theses will examine a real-life project at your company. You can enhance your expertise on a topic of your choice and pick up valuable inputs from our experts.


The electives

Semesters 2 & 4

You can tailor your degree in line with your personal interests. The electives in semesters 2 and 4 give you all the scope you need to specialise. Become an expert with an in-depth focus on the new world of work, developing export businesses or international financial management.In parallel, you continue working on your master thesis in semester 4, when you also have the opportunity to carry out research in your chosen specialist subject. This gives you a sharper skills profile.

More about the electives


What can you expect from your studies? The curriculum provides an overview.
Click on the individual courses for further information.

International Business and Export in Context
Principles of International Business
International HR Management 11
Foreign Trade and Export Business 11
Global Marketing & Strategy 11
Principles of Finances & Budgeting 11
Research and Master Thesis
Research Methods
Qualitative and Quantitative Research Methods 23
IB Research Lab 14
Consulting & Project Development
International Consulting I: Analysis & Methods 23
Applied Research and Training
Applied Research and Training I 06
Value Creation along the Supply Chain
Marketing and Market development
Advanced International Marketing & Sales 23
Digital Markets: Management and Analytics 12
Financial and Strategic Management
Managing Performance and Growth
Strategic Managerial Accounting 23
Mergers & Acquisitions and Due Diligence 12
Global Affairs and International Law
International Institutions and Global Affairs I 23
Foreign Trade & International Market Selection
Foreign Markets and Risks
Economic Aspects of Location Choice 23
Risks and Legal Aspects in Export 12
Focal Subjects
Issues and Development of Dispersed Workforce (CNGE) 23
Business Development in Export (DEO) 23
Financial Management (FMIB) 23
Research and Master Thesis
Research and Master Thesis Seminar I 11
Consulting & Project Development
Consulting and Project Delivery
International Consulting II: Delivery 22
IB Studio: Project Development 13
Applied Research and Training
Applied Research and Training II 06
HR and Global Collaboration
Culture and Change
Cross Cultural Collaboration Simulation 12
Change Management in HR 23
Management Practice
Corporate Business, Strategic Change and Sustainable Practices 12
Applied Research and Training
Applied Research and Training III 06
Applied Research and Training Coaching Seminar 11
Research and Master Thesis
Research and Master Thesis Seminar II 11
Master Thesis (I) 010
Global Affairs and International Law
Global Affairs and Law
International Institutions and Global Affairs II 23
International Law 23
Value Creation along the Supply Chain
Global Operations and Sourcing 23
Financial and Strategic Management
Data, Knowledge and Insights for Strategic Management 23
Research and Master Thesis
Master Thesis (II) 012
Master Exam 05
Consulting & Project Development
International Consulting III: The Capstone Project 24
Financial and Strategic Management
Behavioural Science and Decision Theories 23
Focal Subjects
Collaboration in the next Generation Enterprise (CNGE)
Network and System Dynamics in Collaboration 23
New Rules of Work Simulation 23
Development of Export Opportunities (DEO)
Customer Relationship Management and B2B 23
Structured Export and Project Financing 23
Advanced Financial Management in International Business (FMIB)
Financial Accounting, Reporting and Auditing 23
Trends in Financing and Investing 23


Choose your own focus areas: on the master programme you can select one of three focal subjects. Courses are held in semesters 2 and 4.

Collaboration in the Next Generation Enterprise (CNGE)

In this elective you will focus on the new world of work, a transition which is being driven by digitalisation. Especially in an international working environment, stakeholders and partners are often spread all over the world. But at the national level, flexible working hours and workplaces are also increasingly prevalent. This presents challenges, but also opportunities.

The managers of tomorrow also need to know the answers to the following questions: what sets a global leader apart? How can I manage geographically dispersed teams? How can I keep efficiency and motivation levels high? How can I optimise collaboration spanning several countries and time zones? What technologies simplify cooperation? What rules need to be followed in order to work efficiently and avoid conflicts?

This elective gives you the answers to these questions and many more besides.

Development of Export Opportunities (DEO)

Have you got a brilliant business idea that could make waves worldwide? This elective takes you through the entire process – from idea generation and market and competitive analysis to export strategies. We get you ready to set up your own international business.

After successfully developing a business idea and completing the business planning process, marketing becomes a core topic. The majority of exports are sold on B2B markets. So you might ask yourself: what are the defining features of B2B marketing? And how can I develop and foster customer relationships?

Is your project capital-intensive or high-risk? In that case, project financing is vital for you. You also look at various other questions, such as the financing options available for export and investment projects, and ways in which structured finance instruments can be used to minimise risk and facilitate large-scale projects.

Advanced Financial Management in International Business (FMIB)

There is one decisive question that managers ask again and again: how can I finance projects and investments? The upheaval in international financial markets is giving rise to new opportunities.

This elective looks at conventional financing models, as well as the latest trends in finance and investment, like cryptocurrencies, microfinance and crowdfunding. The emphasis is on up-and-coming new financing models. What technical and legal aspects need to be considered? And how can new financial technologies be deployed to generate additional funds for companies? Managers are also responsible for financial matters, so the elective sheds light on international reporting obligations.

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Career paths for graduates of the International Business and Export Management master programme

As a graduate of the International Business and Export Management master programme, your flexible, generalist expertise makes you suitable for various positions in private-sector companies and public institutions with an international focus.

Strategic aspects are the focus of attention throughout the programme. Your interdisciplinary education allows you to assume managerial responsibility for a variety of business functions.

Graduates can look forward to a host of new job opportunities, because they are ideally placed to embark on an international career. You can use your newly acquired expertise to benefit your current company, or you can switch to another post in Austria or abroad.

Or are you interested in starting your own business? The broad-based approach employed in the degree programme gives you all the skills you need to set up your dream company and manage every aspect of it.

  • The professional areas open to graduates include
  • Product management
  • Finance
  • Risk management and hedging
  • Marketing and market research
  • Organisational development
  • Consulting
  • HR and employee development
  • Purchasing and supply chain management

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