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When training in virtual rooms, it is more and more necessary not only to act statically, but the people to be trained must around move in the virtual room. This movement can be shown in several ways (teleportation, joystick movement ...). Many of these movements result in nau-sea, shingles, headaches, and other problems in varying numbers of participants. These symptoms are often referred to as motion sickness or cybersickness. This significantly limits the possibilities of training in VR and therefore also enormously restricts the potential of the training. The different options are often aimed at different solutions (e.g. Virtualizer, Om-nideck, ...). The physical as well as the electronic (resolution, immersion, interaction) factors are often considered very individually. The idea here would be to reach a large number of test persons in several large-scale tests with different demos, who work through various possibili-ties, sometimes in combination, in order to get a more precise picture of how such a move-ment can best be realized. On the other hand, the health and motivational factors should also be considered here to be able to give recommendations for different applications in the indus-trial, school and university sectors from the anonymized results.

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