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Project Description

With the help of 3D scans and CAD data locomotives, train parts, environments, buildings, rooms, people and objects are captured and prepared for a 3D implementation, so that later these spaces can be "walked" with VR glasses.

The environments in VR should be interactive enough to match the real-world training environment. The task would be to innovatively train procedures here, to simulate errors and to register the reaction or the motivation for a new run through the participants to demonstrate the potential of VR. Participants should have the opportunity to make mistakes and then be advised to ensure continuous improvement while minimizing the cost (providing large machines for training) and at the same time minimizing the risks to the participants (injury risks) from any errors. The gamification aspect should then enable a permanent motivation in order not to find the same pattern even when repeated. One aspect of this is the improved method of service (training) through the use of innovative products.


The project is funded by the State of Lower Austria's Department of Economy, Tourism and Technology.

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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Project ID : 1288
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    Land NÖ