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The occupational balance project for informal caregivers (TOPIC)

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

It is estimated that in one in four families in Austria there is someone caring for another family member or a friend or acquaintance. Informal caregiving can lead to changes in lifestyle and living environment, including organisational challenges and physical and psychological burdens, and necessitate adaptation of the caregiver’s daily routines to accommodate the needs of the dependant. These changes and adaptations can in turn impact the caregiver’s health and wellbeing. The monotony of activities can restrict a healthy variety of activities. In occupational therapy and occupational science this mix of different activities is referred to as occupational balance. Until now caregivers’ occupational balance has not been systematically investigated.


The aim is to describe caregivers' occupational balance and other health-related factors and to explore possible associations between caregivers' occupational balance and health and wellbeing based on the analysis of reliable and valid measurements.

Additionally, we aim to give students the opportunity to gain research experience, to contribute to connecting the areas of research, education and clinical practice and to strengthen the cooperation between the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, the respective university clinics and hospitals of the NÖ Landeskliniken-Holding and the Karl Landsteiner University of Health Sciences.


The Project is funded by NÖGUS.

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