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Synthesis and industrial application of hydroxytyrosol

Department of Science & Technology

Land NÖ

Project Description

During the course of this project, an alternative synthesis of hydroxytyrosol will be developed. This new route aims for a higher yield of the important natural product by combining the advantages of biotechnological procedures and modern chemical reactions. Additionally, in collaboration with our industrial partner, a new and highly promising application of hydroxytyrosol in textile industry will be evaluated.


Summarizing, the following goals can be defined:

• Establish whole cell oxidation (dihydroxylation of aromatics) as innovative and future-oriented methodology at the University of Applied Sciences Krems. By means of this environmentally benign protocol, fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals are accessible from organic waste.

• Synthesis of hydroxytyrosol, an important natural antioxidant with a wide range of applications in food industry, cosmetic industry, and pharmaceutical industry.

• Evaluation of a newly developed analytical instrument to measure the metabolic activity of various bacteria.

• Development of a new method for the mild and gentle selective bleaching of denim and related textiles.



The project is co-financed by the Province of Lower Austria and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF).

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  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 898
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    Land NÖ