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Smart Aggregation and Visualisation of Health Data (SMARAGD)

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

The rapid spread of intelligent machines and systems is leading to massive changes in the workplace. Their use can be accompanied by both positive and negative changes in working conditions, with increased user-friendliness, but also with additional burdens. One example of this is hospital information systems, which are intended to support health personnel in accessing, processing and interpreting their patients’ health data. This human-computer interaction is often experienced as an additional burden in the daily work of health personnel and is also detrimental to the quality of treatment.

To date, there is no intelligent system for the aggregation and visualisation of health data specific to any occupational group. Using the information needs of occupational therapists and physiotherapists as an example, SMARAGD intends to develop an intel-ligent aggregation and visualisation of health data that serves to generate knowledge from a plethora of information, which is the basis for further therapeutic intervention. The aim of this project is, therefore, to develop an example of a system for the intelli-gent aggregation and visualisation of patient data in line with the needs of occupational therapists and physiotherapists, meeting legal and factual requirements, and to pro-vide a technical proof of concept.

Different and mixed designs and methods are used for this purpose. Based on a needs analysis, the group-specific knowledge needs of occupational therapists and physio-therapists will be collected and categorised using ethnographic semantics analysis and online surveys. Furthermore, the requirements for the aggregation and visualisation of the data are defined. Using semantic data analysis, unstructured data is evaluated and transformed into a structured form as a basis for further use. Applying a co-design ap-proach, a process-accompanying and result-oriented evaluation of the suitability of the developed SMARAGD system for everyday use is carried out. In addition, the legal framework for the development and application of an intelligent system for data ag-gregation and visualization will be identified, clarified and presented. The developed SMARAGD solutions can be taken up and subsequently implemented or further devel-oped for different groups of health professionals. The results of the project are to be published and subsequently contribute to the improvement of the human-computer interface and thus to the improvement of general working conditions.

The project is led by Prof. (FH) Mona Dür, PhD, MSc, the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems. The SMARAGD project is a collaboration between the IMC University of Applied Sciences Krems, SYNYO GmbH, University of Graz, Johannes Kepler University Linz, Medical University of Graz, Know-Center GmbH Research Center for Data-Driven Business & Big Data Analytics and University of Vienna. SMARAGD is funded by the Austrian Research Funding Agency (FFG). Further information is available at www.smaragdprojekt.at.

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