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Scale(up) Alps - Accelerate and promote the Alpine Start-up Ecosystem

Department of Business

Project Description

The economy of the 21st century is affected by digitalization and accelerating innovation cycles. Start-ups seem to profit from the general economic development based globalization and digitalization. While Alpine Space can rely on growing and dynamic regional start-up ecosystems, many of these start-ups are facing obstacles when scaling up across Europe and beyond. The growing start-up communities are envisaged to link Alpine Space startup hubs, foster business acceleration, bridge SMEs-investors-policy-markets, involve actors in a community of opportunities. 11 European Partners (3x Italy, 3x France, 2x Slovenia, 1x Germany, 2x Austria) are working together in this EU funded project.


SCALE(up)ALPS aims to make sure that the Alpine Space first, than EU Single Market, are the launch bases of alpine start-ups into the global competition. The main goals are, to connect innovation actors, increase knowledge transfer as well as to enhance Alpine Space key high-growth SMEs business innovation potential. The project will focus on defining a start-up integrated ecosystem growth-strategy as well as Alpine Space services to grow tech companies accessing new markets or disruptive businesses in existing markets.


The Project ist funded by the Interreg Alpine Space Programme, a European transnational cooperation Programme for the Alpine region.

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