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Establishing molecular toxicology for rapid, early and sensitive toxicity determination and biocompatibility

Department of Science & Technology

Project Description

The goal of the project is to combine a method comprising both cellular reporter assays and gene expression studies into a sensitive method. This would make it possible to show toxicological effects on human cells at significantly reduced concentrations. If established successfully, the combined method could make a contribution to risk minimisation for newly developed biotech products and could also lead to an innovative screening procedure for the detection of toxic environmental pollutants not detectable using current analytical methods. The technology developed will be made available to biotech companies in Lower Austria in partnership projects.


The project was financed by the Science and Research Department of the Province of Lower Austria.

  • Further Information
  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 458
  • Sponsor :

    Land NÖ

  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Harald Hundsberger
    Head of Institute Biotechnology / Programme Director Medical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology