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HEI-up: Improvement of Business Process Management in Higher Education institutions

Department of Business

Project Description

SMEs and Enterprises, which perform their activities on the market usually have their core business processes well managed. Identified, documented, standardized, managed, automatized business processes ensure they stay competitive on the market. Nowadays, HEIs (higher education institutions) are faced with a shift from mass education, almost uniform age group (adolescents), employment status of students and finance sourcing to very different position. HEIs should adapt to study programme specialisation, broader target age group (lifelong learning), already employed students, which come from companies and various sources and combinations of financing (state, tuitions, projects, services, ...). Not only private HEIs, public HEIs are faced with mentioned changes also to improve HEI clients (=students, employees, partners) satisfaction and to remain competitive, HEI’s should manage their business processes similar to Enterprises and SMEs. Therefore, a business process management knowledge transfer should be initiated and maintained. Business Process Management (BPM) methodologies should be adapted to HEI specifics. Additionally, best practices of business processes from the enterprises and SMEs should be gathered, analyzed, modified and compiled into unified methodology for management of HEIs. Constant flow of BPM knowledge between HEIs and enterprises should also be maintained, to ensure exchange of field-based BPM experiences and theoretical knowledge.


The Project was funded under the EU Programme Lifelong Learning Programme.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 703
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  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Michael Reiner
    Professor (FH) Institute Digitalisation and Informatics