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Resource efficiency: Cooperation models of start-ups with SMEs/family firms for sustainable innovations

Department of Business

Project Description

The added value of the cooperation of start-ups with SMEs/family firms lies in the acceleration of the development of sustainable innovations by bringing together the different competences. Furthermore, intensive cooperation can also bring about a cultural change with regard to openness (open innovation) and strengthen future viability through new impulses at SMEs as well as increase the professionalism of market cultivation at start-ups. In addition, the cooperation can also be used to explore which forms of possible further cooperation are suitable for both partners.

Cooperation often also presents major challenges for both companies. Identifying possible partners and contact persons is just one of many initial challenges. Complications also often arise from the clash of different cultures: agile versus less dynamic work processes, different values and different willingness to take risks.

The project aims to achieve the following goals:

- Strengthening the competitiveness of Viennese SMEs and family firms and start-ups in particular.

- Systematic derivation of recommendations for action for SMEs and family firms on how they can sustainably develop new products, services and business models by using cooperation with start-ups.

- Building up sound competences and resources for projects with companies building on the core competences of these companies.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 1174
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    Test FG

  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Dr. Reinhard Altenburger
    Professor (FH) Institute Business Administration and Management