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Josef Ressel Centre for the Foundation of Personalised Music Therapy: Horizons of personalised music therapy in neurorehabilitation

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

The Josef Ressel Centre runs from September 2016 to August 2021.


The JRZ is dedicated to creating the basis for research in "real-world settings" to assess the real and individual therapy process. The research centre develops new methodological approaches for evidence-based and personalised music therapy in neurological rehabilitation in phase C. (See www.neuroreha.at/phasenmodell.html)


The international research team of the JRC interprets "personalisation" from a humanistic-anthropological point of view and is methodologically oriented - among other things - to principles of social neuroscience, with the central question of how people interact.


Clinical case reports often contain descriptions of interpersonal resonance experiences. The research team interprets these descriptions as expressions of the existential need to understand and be understood.


One research goal is to find out under which conditions such resonance can be fostered in the therapeutic context and how therapists can train their compassion for it.

Another special feature is to bring the laboratory to the bedside in "real world settings" and synchronise different data (videography, ECG, EEG, biomarkers, etc.).


Three coordinated projects are being carried out


Project 1: Right Period: Patients need recovery periods between therapies; how can this be recognised? How can they be planned?

Aim: more precise individualised therapy planning based on chronobiological rhythms and questionnaires developed within the framework of the JRZ for self-assessment and assessment by others.

Perspective: more efficient therapies - better outcomes - cost savings.


Project 2: Right Moment: in every therapy there are special moments that are crucial for therapy progress.

Aim: To recognise and induce therapeutically special moments as a basis for therapy progress.

Perspective: Insights into the neurobiological mechanisms of successful therapeutic interaction. Achieve the status of one of the leading research teams in the field of music therapy and social neuroscience.


Project 3: Empathy: Therapists need special sensitivity & training for such moments of encounter.

Aim: Development of valid measurement methods, as well as targeted training of empathy in MT.

Perspective: valid training & maintenance of empathy in all GESWISS professional groups.



The project is funded by Josef Ressel Centre Programme of the Christian Doppler Research Association, by NÖGUS, ProMente Reha and by s-team solutions GmbH.

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  • Status: Ongoing
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  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Tucek
    Head of Institute Therapeutic and Midwifery Sciences