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Horizons of personalised music therapy in neurorehabilitation

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

The Josef Ressel Centre (JRC) takes a humanistic stance, approaching personalisation at a more communicative and psychophysiological level. As a consequence, the JRC carries out research into music therapy and not just into the effects of music. Recognising that the “effects of (performing or listening to) music in the context of a therapeutic relationship” are very complex, the issue of personalisation of therapy is the JRC’s overriding research topic.


The JRC’s new approach is geared towards personalisation and therefore combines research in the following two main Areas: Research on the psychophysiological disposition of the patient and the therapist and its influence on appropriate times of a therapy intervention for particular patients as well research on empathy-based therapeutic relationships in the light of selected psychophysiological correlates.


The project is funded by Josef Ressel Centre Programme of the Christian Doppler Research Association, by NÖGUS and by s-team solutions GmbH.

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