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Study on copyright and new technologies

Department of Business

Project Description

In order to help the European creative industries unleash the potential of new technologies and make the mostof them, the European Commission contracted a consortium including the IMC UAS to analyse:


(i) the management of copyright data linked to protected content. The study identified and quantified the economic impact of current issues related to metadata management in the copyright industries. The analysis investigated the ways in which new technologies can contribute to improving the efficiency and transparency of licensing of content and management of rights, while making more content accessible for end-users; and

(ii) the policy questions related to the interaction between Artificial Intelligence (AI) and the creative industries, in particular concerning:

(a) the use of copyright-protected content as input of AI technologies; and

(b) the production of cultural outputs by or with the assistance of AI technologies.


The study provided the empirical basis to assess the potential impacts on the European creative industries.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 1353
  • Sponsor :

    Test FG

  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Dr. Alfred Radauer
    Head of Institute Business Administration and Management / Programme Director Management