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Influence of alternative consumer networks on sustainable development and regional development

Department of Business

Project Description

This research project is a dissertation project, funded by the NÖ Forschungs- und Bildungsges.m.b.H. (NFB).


The dissertation will deal with the following research questions:

1) From the point of view of consumers, producers and experts, which criteria should be used to assess the success of alternative consumer networks in sustainable development with focus on regional development?

2) How do selected Austrian alternative consumer networks perform in terms of sustainable development using these criteria?

3) Which role do information about these criteria play in the attraction of potential new members?


Planned Methods:

1) Systematic literature review

2) Qualitative interviews with consumers and producers in alternative consumer networks as well as with sustainable development experts

3) Web-based survey to rate the relative importance of possible criteria

4) Evaluation methods for sustainability criteria not defined yet, depending on the research outcomes of the aforementioned steps

5) Online experiment to examine effect of communicating sustainability criteria

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  • Status: Ongoing
  • Project ID : 1320
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    Land NÖ

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