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Pilot Study: Measurement of empathy using the combination of psychometric and biometric procedures

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

Ability for empathy applies in therapeutic work as essential factor of the relationship between patient and therapist and as crucial component during recovery. It is seen as a key factor in (musica-)therapeutic work to establish a confident, therapeutic relationship between patient and therapist. Within this framework the therapist’s empathic care leads to a reduction of the opponent’s anxiety or rather stress reaction and enables a transformation into relaxation. In order to understand these processes it is necessary to explore empathy phenomenon. The focus of this project was the change of oxytocin-level in organisms in consequence of a empathic reaction caused by video sequences from clinic-therapeutic context.


The Project was co-funded by the NÖGUS.

  • Further Information
  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 479
  • Sponsor :

    Land NÖ

  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Priv.-Doz. Mag. Dr. Gerhard Tucek
    Head of Institute Therapeutic and Midwifery Sciences