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FLEXCRASH - Flexible and hybrid manufacturing of green aluminum to produce tailored adaptive crash-tolerant structures

Department of Science & Technology

Project Description

Flexcrash is an EU HORIZON project that aims to design a flexible and hybrid manufacturing technology for creating crash resistance structures made of aluminum alloys that are safer and lighter than the ones currently in use.


These structures will allow active safety, i.e., they will dynamically adapt to face an imminent crash. Furthermore, their design optimally accounts for collision parameters from future mixed traffic scenarios that involve human drivers and self-driving cars.


Our Role: As IMC Krems, our contribution is two-fold and leverages our expertise in the automated generation of critical traffic scenarios. On the one hand, we will identify relevant future mixed traffic scenarios; on the other hand, we will simulate car crash accidents of variable severity to find the most critical collision parameters.


The Consortium: FLEXCRASH features a ten-partner consortium that includes two universities (Luleå Tekniska Universitet, SE; IMC University of Applied Sciences, AT), three technology centers (Eurecat, ES; Fraunhofer IWS, DE; Virtual Vehicle Research, AT), three industrial partners (Gestamp, ES; Gemmate Technology, IT; Aerobase Innovation, SE), an industrial research center (Centro Ricerche Fiat, IT) and a standardization entity (Asociacion Española de Normalizacion, ES).


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  • Status: Ongoing
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  • Project Leader
  • Alessio Gambi, PhD
    Senior Lecturer Institute Digitalisation and Informatics