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EUPRAC – a strategic partnership to strengthen the vocational training of occupational therapists in Europe

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

In the bachelor's degree program for occupational therapists not just the high quality of theoretical training plays a major role, also a high level in practical imparting of professional skills. Being able to gain practical experience across borders promotes personal development and the international knowledge exchange.

A European project partnership therefore focuses primarily on that part of the practical training of occupational therapists for which there are no standardized regulations for cross-country comparison, but which is a crucial part of the training. Educational institutions from four European countries cooperate for this purpose: IBKM gemeinnützige Schulträger GmbH (DE), University of Ruse (BG), Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego we Wroclawiu (PL), ICM Fachhochschule Krems GmbH (AT). The project is funded by the ERASMUS + program (October, 2018 - March, 2021).

Based on a comparative study that dealt with the framework conditions of training, practices of recognition and the position of occupational therapists in the social security system in the participating countries, a common training basis for the practical training of occupational therapists was developed.

With the EUPRAC curriculum that has been created, the project team combines the claim to be able to provide guidelines for the barrier-free completion of internships in order to open up new perspectives on the European labor market for young people in a way that is practical and exemplary for other agents.

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