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Digital Business Transformation

Department of Business

Project Description

Digital transformation of companies and businesses goes beyond changes in the technological environment and application – it affects the very nature of a company. Surviving in a digitalised economy is an entrepreneurial challenge. There are new business models and value chains, new industrial networks as well as new digital products. Digital technologies change business processes and top- down and bottom-up organisational structures. Digital transformation is an entrepreneurial challenge.


The project aims to explore the success factors and conditions for the effective digital transformation of companies, and places a strong emphasis on the transformation from analogue to digital and digitalised business models.


The research focuses on established companies, including international firms, in the process of digitalising their business models. It seeks to identify the most transformative developments in their industries and why and how they are responding to these.


The project is co-financed by the Province of Lower Austria (Department K3 - Science and Research) and leading companies in the region.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 184
  • Sponsor :

    Land NÖ

  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Mag. Gerhard Kormann-Hainzl
    Professor (FH) Institute Digitalisation and Informatics