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Project Description

Are recent information campaigns sufficient to counter the myths and the key negative beliefs around eMobility (like short range, insufficient charging infrastructure and high acquisition costs)?


If one considers the large information portals available for e-mobility, the potential still seems underused and existing portals are rather text-heavy and mainly include scientific and technical information. They rely on verbal (narrative/textual) persuasion. The disseminated information is usually provided by energy companies, environmental organizations or car manufacturers, which might compromise the credibility of the information as being biased towards a specific intention. Other means of persuasion like vicarious experiences and authentic visual storytelling (slice of life) successfully adopted by social media influencers are currently not used in this context.


The aim of the project is to positively influence the attitude of the Austrian public towards eMobility. This is done by bundling social media outlets (especially Instagram, Youtube and Twitter) and creating adequate content in form of visuals and authentic emotional stories of everyday life to refute the myths surrounding electric mobility. Within the framework of the project, a concept for the communication of e-mobility will be developed, based on entertainment theories, educational and scientific communication, design thinking and digital learning. A landing page will also be created to connect the individual outlets and, in particular, the content.


According to acceptance research, this communication represents a classical intervention. Therefore, the effectiveness of such communication interventions will be investigated by means of a scientific accompanying study.


The project is funded by the Climate and Energy Fund as part of the "Elektromobilität in der Praxis 2018" program.

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  • Status: Completed
  • Project ID : 1148
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  • Project Leader
  • Prof.(FH) Dipl.-Ing. Dr. Roger Hage
    Programme Director Digital Business Innovation and Transformation