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Interpersonal violence in professional practice of midwives and therapists in Lower Austria: A feasibility survey into the development of a digital learning intervention

Department of Health Sciences

Project Description

Midwives and therapists in Austria encounter clients who experience domestic violence, and they experience client violence in professional practice. There is evidence that they are suboptimally prepared to handle such situations.

Study aim: To assess the feasibility of a research project on a digital learning intervention for interpersonal violence in these professionals’ practice in Lower Austria.

Design: Descriptive feasibility survey.

Sample: Midwives, physiotherapists, music and occupational therapists in Lower Austria.

Methods: A survey via the online tool UNIPARK with a structured questionnaire collected the participants’ experiences with interpersonal violence in professional practice as well as their perception of respective knowledge and their training needs and wishes.

Conclusion: Participating Lower Austrian therapists and midwives state substantial training needs with regard to interpersonal violence in professional practice. They would accept a digital learning option for this purpose.

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  • Status: Completed
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