Life Sciences

The Department of Life Sciences acts as an international academic competence center of interdisciplinary education and research and seeks to facilitate communication and interaction among a wide range of applied bio-medical research areas including cancer, immunological disorders, toxicology, drug discovery and advanced bioprocess technologies. The interdisciplinary team is optimally positioned to move rapidly from disease modeling to the identification and development of drugs and lead compounds.

In the last decade, we have developed four R&D core platforms with cutting-edge infrastructure and sustainable scientific expertise and know-how.

  • Drug Discovery and Development
  • Bioanalytics
  • Personalized Medicine and Diagnostics
  • Bioprocess-Technology and Production of Biopharmaceuticals

Moreover, we have established an international scientific network including universities, academic research institutes, small and medium sized enterprises and global pharmaceutical players.

We have implemented quality management strategies (GxP) to meet the requirements of our industrial partners and promote an optimal level of translation of research into business. The R&D platforms are incubators for future scientific productivity and are likely to stimulate the launch of biotech start-ups in the region.

It is our mission to bring cutting-edge research to our students in a very personal and authentic manner. Relevant R&D topics are integrated into lectures and practical trainings of the bachelor and master curriculum. The research activities are instrumental for high quality training and for preparing the next generation of young scientists for careers in industry and academia.