IMC Working Papers

The Working Paper series publishes research findings in business and economics from IMC researchers. The working papers are addressed to the scientific community and they aim to stimulate the scientific discussion.

Bartholomae, F.W.; Chang Woon Nam; Schoenberg, A. M.; “Urban Resurgence as a Consumer City: A Case Study for Weimar in Eastern Germany”; IMC Working Paper No. 1-2017, August 2017

Kennedy, A. M.; Waiguny M. K.J.; “Consumer Socialisation through Christmas Myths and Ethical Implications”;  IMC Working Paper No. 2-2017, October 2017

Teurezbacher, F.; “Politische Reformen als Auslöser großer Wählerwanderungen: Das Beispiel der Gemeindestrukturreform in der Steiermark 2013-2015”;  IMC Working Paper No. 3-2018, March 2018