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Institute Krems Bioanalytics

The Institute Krems Bioanalytics is contract research institute of IMC Krems.

The Institute Krems Bioanalytics provides contract research for the pharmaceutical industry, biotech companies and academic institutions since 2014. It is a part of the Biotech Area Krems, which includes three universities and several biotech companies.

The research groups at the institute have in-depth scientific expertise in haematology, immunology and oncology. The research focus is primarily on cutting-edge bioanalytical services for large molecules and vaccine development.

The institute offers a wide range of advanced bioanalytical services and develops tailored analytical solutions for specific drug or vaccine development programmes.

It has a long-standing expertise in the development and validation of customised and GxP-compliant analytical assays for the assessment of immunogenicity, drug stability, pharmacokinetics and enzyme kinetics.

In addition, the Institute Krems Bioanalytics develops complex cell-based assays for drug efficacy testing or biopotency characterisation for lot releases. It offers sample analytics for early or late preclinical studies (R&D or GLP, Good Laboratory Practice) or for clinical trials (GCP, Good Clinical Practice). Since its foundation, the institute has participated in more than 20 clinical and 120 preclinical studies.

The institute's mission is to operate as one-stop bioanalytical service provider, develop cutting-edge and GxP compliant technologies for sample analytics, create reliable scientific data, operate under full regulatory compliance and establish strategic partnerships in innovative research areas.

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    Competences and services at a glance

    The website of the Institute Krems Bioanalytics provides an overview of the competences and services of the research institute.

    Website of the research institute

    Selected technologies

    • Enzyme linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA)
    • Electrochemiluminescence (ECL)
    • Luminex multiplex assays
    • Enzyme activity assays
    • Blood coagulation assays
    • Flow cytometry
    • Cell-based assays
    • Organotypic disease modelling
    • Starting September 2021: Mass Spectrometry

    " Krems Bioanalytics specialises in innovative bioanalytical solutions for biotherapeutics and vaccines with strong expertise in immunogenicity assessment, including customised method development, GxP-compliant assay validation and sample analytics for preclinical research and clinical trials. "

    Andreas Eger, Head of Institute Krems Bioanalytics


    Get to know the core team of our Institute Krems Bioanalytics.


    • Mag. Dr. Peter Allacher
      Head of Operations / Institute Krems Bioanalytics

    Institute Krems Bioanalytics

    • Dr. Christian Lubich
      Head of Institute / Institute Krems Bioanalytics
    • Prof.(FH) Priv. Doz. Mag. Dr. Andreas Eger
      Deputy Head of Institute / Institute Krems Bioanalytics