Digital Business Transformation

So far, the 21st century has been shaped by the globalisation and digitalisation of the world economy (the fourth industrial revolution and/or the internet of things). The result has been rapid acceleration in innovation cycles, disruptive shifts in entire industries and sectors, and the growth of young, ambitious start-ups worldwide.

This upheaval has left many established companies facing major challenges related to innovation (design thinking, lean start-ups, organisational structures, collaboration models and the new world of work) and corporate culture.

Consequently, our research on the topic of digital business transformation focuses on:

  • New ways of working, and new working environments and models (the new world of work)
  • Models for cooperation between start-ups and established companies (corporate entrepreneurship and corporate innovation)
  • Corporate transformation processes and organisational design (enterprise 4.0)

IMC Krems provides companies and public-sector bodies with support for their digital business transformation plans as part of its research projects and business partnerships. The transfer of knowledge into day-to-day practice at large, medium and small enterprises is one of the main aims behind the university’s research in the field of digital business transformation, along with developing an international network of experts in the new world of work.